7th & 8th December +
11th - 23rd December 2024
One Garden Brighton, Stanmer Park

The Brighton Lights 2023

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the experience of The Brighton Lights 2023.

To each person who sat on the moon, the wanderers through the lullaby garden, the merry ones, the little ones and the faces aglow by the lights.

The rainbow ribbon tunnel dwellers, the warmth seekers, the mirrorball dancers and the light lovers.

Special thank you to the artists, the crew, our front of house, the performers, the musicians, the event guides, the car park team, the food, drink and market stalls, ALL the team at One Garden Brighton and Plumpton College and everyone who made the first year of The Brighton Lights possible.

And to finish a HUGE THANK you to you. You brought the vibe and what a beautiful one it was.

Murmuration Arts, Martin Glover, Artpod, Sound Intervention, Puppet Fingers, Studio Fluff, Jigantics, Same Sky

Harry’s Tricks, Jamie Kenna, Mrisi Music, Bea Maher, Ricardoaxe Brazuca, Sylvia Mwenze, Scarlett Fae, Lisa Lo, Aflo the Poet, Ellie Pepper.

Faye Houston, China, Cate Ferris, Robert McCloskey, Bertie Hodd, Miranda Muu.

Lighting Design
Will Thomas